Art and ideas

Henry didn’t think it would be fun to get wet and dirty. He thought what fun it would be to play with the hose and make some mud.

Sometimes pictures don’t get “finished”
In 14th to 15th century Italy the idea of  non- finito, finito ( not finished- finished) came into being

                                                   I guess starting a new idea is where the fun is

6 thoughts on “Art and ideas

  1. Mari

    It´s always lovely to see Your work. Also… I smile every time I read some text about Henry – because my dad is Henry and I start to wonder, how he was when he was little. My own “funny thing” 🙂

    I saw Elizabeth was visiting my blog. I haven´t written to her blog a thing, but I always go and look her newest photos. It looks so warm and lovely – I want to come back to New York!!!!!

    Greetings! Specially to Buster 😉

  2. Jo P

    Great images, Robert! The drawings may be unfinished but they do not seem in any sense incomplete. Lovely!


    Love the unfinished pink drawing – like looking at the process. I wouldn’t mind hanging unfinished art, if I came across something I liked. And that one I do because
    you see both the fine drawing and the fine painting separately….


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