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The winter that wasn’t

80 degrees in March, the flowers are flowering, trees are budding and people are shedding their coats
Years ago my Grandparents would have been returning from Florida


…..and if it had been a real winter we would be returning from Marrakech about now.  I do miss Derb jedid ,our friends and animals most of all my ally cat Mr. Booger ( worlds coolest cat, king of the Derb)


Quantum Theory

In the fifteenth century artist Desiderio da Settignano  repeatedly used his son as a model over and over again.

I have been painting pictures of Werner Heisenberg, the father of quantum physics, for the last few years .
The beauty of an idea however uncertain.

Stars and Planets

 I started looking at the planets and stars from our roof top in Marrakesh . Last night , in the New York sky I saw.     


                                Venus and Jupiter

                           How one we all are.