Here are some recent efforts
Gretchen my grandaughter
Henry my Grandson

some dude from the street

some nude dude

the good thing about drawing is that no special or elaborate setups or materials are needed.
you just need to start.

my cat mimi from Marrakech checks out a drawing




I did this strange portrait without thinking too much about it. So far most people find it intriguing . I think it has something to do with dimension. 
the start of a painting on paper with the associated junk

more stuff

half finished

The title is ” Under the Same Sky ” taken from a concert given by my friend Carolyn Yarnell.

Lazy Summer


out to Long Island

to go to the beach

back to the city and my drawings

the “finished/unfinished” drawings have taken on a life of their own

forming patterns with numerous meanings

and relationships

sometimes obscure 

or the wrong color

or quickly sketched

or detailed

or in focus

or pale

or worried

I wonder if it is even possible to construct a series without meaning

Art and ideas

Henry didn’t think it would be fun to get wet and dirty. He thought what fun it would be to play with the hose and make some mud.

Sometimes pictures don’t get “finished”
In 14th to 15th century Italy the idea of  non- finito, finito ( not finished- finished) came into being

                                                   I guess starting a new idea is where the fun is