Here are some recent efforts
Gretchen my grandaughter
Henry my Grandson

some dude from the street

some nude dude

the good thing about drawing is that no special or elaborate setups or materials are needed.
you just need to start.

my cat mimi from Marrakech checks out a drawing


6 thoughts on “Drawing

  1. Frances

    Robert, it is such a pleasure to see more of your excellent drawings. Each drawing is a wonder, but of course my favorites are of those two grandchildren. Pencil, chalk, paper… your talent and skill transform these materials, allowing us to truly see these people. And donkey, too.

    Best wishes.

  2. Jo P

    These are great! Only with your talent is drawing a matter of “just need(ing) to start”. Nude dude is having a V-8 moment: “I coulda worn clothes!”.

    : )


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