From Marrakech to Sidi Ifni

Cyberpark- Marrakech
Bahia Palace- Marrakech
the road to Essaouira 
Essaouira souk
the mud brick walls in Tiznit
a fruit stall -Tiznit medina
Sidi Ifni – medina Xanadu Maison d’hotes

the town square at Sidi Ifni
the Atlantic coast- Sidi Ifni
the dome at right is a Qouba the tomb of Ifni

9 thoughts on “From Marrakech to Sidi Ifni

  1. Jo P

    I see some future paintings in these — the road to Essaouira (great shot of the road ahead and behind), the billowing drape at Xanadu, and the coastal shots.

    Always glad to see your posts!


  2. Frances

    Oh Robert, where to begin a comment on these beautiful sights. The tiles always capture my eyes, but there are also those pinks, the brilliant oranges, the bright light and intriguing shadows…and then, there’s the sea, the sea.

    Thank you for this post! xo


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