I did this strange portrait without thinking too much about it. So far most people find it intriguing . I think it has something to do with dimension. 
the start of a painting on paper with the associated junk

more stuff

half finished

The title is ” Under the Same Sky ” taken from a concert given by my friend Carolyn Yarnell.

4 thoughts on “PAINTING

  1. Frances

    Robert, I hope to be able to see the portrait and the painting “in person.” Seeing them on the laptop screen is intriguing, but probably only gives a hint of their true beauty.

    Best wishes. xo

  2. Keluarga

    Love thse especially the first one. Your post redmined me of a statue I saw in Paris, at the Louvre I can’tremember now who the sculptor was, but I will always remember the face of this beautiful young woman. I think I went back to see her 3 or 4 times during that visit, and took a myriad of photos (in the pre-digital era.) I recall my parents asking why I had used so much film on the same statue, and I couldn’t explain it properly, other than I really liked her. I’d like to go back and see if she still speaks to me the same way


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