Real / Abstract

All the new apartments in New York city have one thing in common , clean lines. I decided to do a painting of a wall in our old house in Marrakech.A simple realistic picture of light on a white plaster wall. A 500 year old mud brick riad has no straight walls or square corners. I thought this would be an easy painting but…….

the first attempt was a disaster – It looked like cheap wall paper in an Earls Court bedsit

try again

this time I used a trowel to apply the paint

it was beginning to look like the real thing, sort of real abstract

Add a couple of lines for cracks and it looked even better

some shadows and it was finished “Marrakech shadow wall ” on paper

another real abstract on paper  “64-11”

“I don’t know why I never painted an abstract painting . It’s so easy” Andy Warhol

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