………and how they arrive

      Waking up one morning and in that time of suspended animation before reality comes into sharp focus, I had an idea. A complete idea that was somewhat complicated. I had to buy a red ribbon and  take photos of it falling to the ground, then do paintings of  the results.

Sleep I

Sleep II

                                It wasn’t until after I finished two versions that I realized it was simply about sleep.


              I always enjoy painting things that cannot be seen.  Like painting light streaking by on the highway.


or out a train window
or a subway


                                                            I have a bad leg and often trip and fall at the beach.



No matter how distant, unclear or in what language , physiologically hearing is attuned to the human voice. I wonder if something similar  exists for vision.

Modern Moroccans


9 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. Frances

    Robert, I like the way in which seeing your paintings in this post has again gotten me to contemplate the mysterious way in which ideas arrive. It’s good that you were somehow able to catch hold of that floating dream.

    Best wishes.

  2. robert s

    the paintings are just presentations of abstract ideas……..or maybe the results of a lack of language skills,,,,,,i don’t know but thanks for the comment, I look forward to seeing the book


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