Stars and Planets

 I started looking at the planets and stars from our roof top in Marrakesh . Last night , in the New York sky I saw.     


                                Venus and Jupiter

                           How one we all are.

21 thoughts on “Stars and Planets

  1. DCW

    The colour of that wall in Marrakesh is so deep it almost has a fragrance.

    Like you I have been watching the conjunction of the planets, at least when the snow has not been falling to convince me that beauty is not restricted to the heavenly realms.

    But surely stardust is not so heavy to shovel?

  2. Annabella

    Indeed. The first image is so unmistakably Marrakech…and I guess the same can be said for the other two being NYC! Good luck with the blog Robert.

  3. Linda Sue

    Usually I only see stars from standing up too quickly ,BUT my husband is an amateur astronomer and has all sort of equipment, we see the rings of Saturn and the deepest pock scars of the moon, his favorite is to view the sun and it’s peculiar spots. Unfortunately we live under a steady cloud cover. It’s a silly hobby for this area – occasionally we get lucky.
    I do remember the night sky in Morocco being especially clear and bright. Not so much light pollution.

  4. susanna

    Welcome to Blogland, Robert!

    Good post! I have this very romantic, bohemian vision of you and Elizabeth living in Marrakesh…and now you’re living in in exciting New York City. You both are leading such interesting lives. You know, when I saw the first image, I thought that maybe it was a painting of yours. Your paintings are so real! It’s very impressive to someone like me who can’t paint nearly as well as you can.

    Hope to see you and Elizabeth in the city soon.

  5. Unknown

    Hi Robert,
    It is lovely to see you hear in Bloglandia,to see your images and hear your voice in the background!
    Welcome and Hi to your lovely wife too!!!

  6. somepinkflowers

    helllo, robert!
    i am one of elizabeth’s blogging ‘mates’
    as she calls us
    who stayed at peacock pavilion
    last may
    and i think one of your pieces of art
    was on my bedroom wall there,
    if i remember correctly.

    i have the Star Walk app
    in my iPhone
    to aid in star & planet identification
    i feel a sense of excitement
    about having the universe at my beck & call.

    welcome to bloglandia!

  7. Frances

    Some nights when I am either on my way to the subway station in SoHo or emerging from the subway station on the upper west side, I do look at the sky. This is while waiting guidance to Walk from a sign on the ground. I love to see the moon, and usually only add one star to that view.

    When I do see that one star, even with the city light, which planet is it? Is it always the same planet?

    Long ago in my Virginia childhood there were no city lights, and the stars must have been so much clearer. We took them for granted.

    Best wishes.

  8. Karen Cole

    Wonderful start to your blogging adventure,Robert. I am also one of Elizabeth’s “blogging mates”. I can see very well how you came to b e together. There is this underlying wit that tickles me every time I read her blog and now yours.
    Cheers and welcome to bloglandia!

  9. grrl + dog

    Hey Robert, welcome to blog world –

    finding your “blog voice” will be a fun adventure for you over the coming time… dont forget to add dogs in!

  10. elizabeth bunsen

    dear Robert
    the full moon is rising
    along with a sky-full of other stars
    in my VT wabi sabi world
    looking forward
    to following your new venture
    I too, am one of ewix’s mates

    xox – eb.

  11. Jo P

    This is going to be such fun! I enjoy the intriguing juxtapositions in your paintings, and your posts are interesting in the same way. Great venue for sharing the musings of that Fibonacci-esque mind. : )

    xo to you, Elizabeth, and Buster. Inshallah, looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend!

    Jo P

  12. Paz

    OMG! THIS is exciting — your blog and the fact that you could see the planets and stars from your rooftop. I wanna be able to do that, too! 🙂


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